Monday, May 11, 2009

One day in the park

Hi Everybuddy!

Yesterday we went to the park.

I was taking my daddy.

Faster, daddy!

I met two friends.


I could not stay off leash in that park.

But I had fun, anyway!

After a quick rain, the sun had appeared and the weather was beautiful.

Mommy took some pictures of your handsome boy.

The bird bathed in sunlight. There were many birds there.
I was happy! Daddy and mommy too!
Pause for a rest.

And a drink.

That park is big and we walked a lot. That doggie was barking to me. His name is Bidu!

Bidu´s owner told us that he was not friendly with other dogs. What a pity!

That is Molly, Bidu´s sister.

She was a sweetheart.
Licking daddy´s hand.

Bidu and Molly.

Spike came to say hello!
That is Spike´s brother. A Border Collie with only two months old.
A little baby!!

That´s all folks!



Joey said...

Hi Thor! I'm glad you got to go to the park and have a good time. Spike's little brother sure is cute! Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

Your pals,
Joey and Zeke

Chef said...

Ola Thor! What a great time you had at the park! You sure look happy. I'm not allowed at the park without my leash too but it's still nice to see our friends, isn't it? Thanks for sharing your pictures and Happy Mother's Day to your mommy.


happy said...

You always have the most fun at the park! And, meeting all the interesting friends too!

Yogui said...

Bonito día en un alegre y hermoso paseo por el parque...
Tienes unos buenos colegas y una lengua enorme arf, arf, arf...

Sara Alves said...

great day at the park!!
Spike´s litle brother is soo cute! :)
licks Pu

Anita said...

Hi Thor! I can see you had fun! Parks are always great!
Rufus and Indie

Abby said...

Hi, Thor...

You always have sooo much fun at the park...

It's funny...When I went to the Spa this weekend, I saw a doggie there that looked just like you - I said "Hey, Mom...I think that's Thor"...But then my groomer lady told me she was a girl & her name was Daisy...

And, when you went to the park, you met Molly & Bidu, who kind of look like me...

Abby xxxooo

Martha Basset said...

Hi Thor
You are such a happy dog! We liked seeing your friends in the park expecially the little puppy!!
We are going to try and see if we can drink water from a bottle like you cos that would be so much easier!
Martha & Bailey xx

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Another great day fur woo at the park!

I'm sure woo made it a furry nice Mother's Day fur your mom!

PeeEssWoo: Your tongue is just inkhredible!

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Thor,

am glad that you're happy too! thanks for introducing us to your new friends!

best regards

Sue said...

We're all glad you got to the park and had a chance to see some friends. That puppy sure is cute. It rained here, but we got to play between showers.

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Glad you got to go out! Looks like it was a beautiful day :) And that little border collie--awww! I'd love to hug him!

Life With Dogs said...

That's all? That's plenty! How much more can you fit in to a day?

Girasol said...

nice day at the park, meeting friends.
Bidu and Molly looks very friendly and Spike´s brother is so adorable.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

What a great day at the park. It is a bummer when you have to stay on the leash..
The little Border Collie is so cute..
Your looking really handsome too Thor...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Náná said...

tantos cães lindos :)

a tua nova foto no topo do blog tá bem legal


Lorenza said...

I really enjoy when you tell us about your pawesome time at the park!
Sure it was nice to see all those doggie friends!
Kisses and hugs


HI Thor!
Great walk! I love the tongue waggin! Too bad bidu didn't get up close.. she's cute but at least you could play with Spike and his baby brother.

Thanks for letting us tag along

Moco said...

The tongue says it all.

CJ/Rick said...

Thor you look great on your new banner. You look as if you and your dad had so much fun at the park. You're such a good dog:you could have eaten those little snow balls at the park. ;)

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Looks like another fun day at the park! Spike's brother is soo cute!

Gus and Waldo

Spike said...

Olá amigo
As fotos estão lindas, adorei.

JB's Big World said...

Looks like you had a nice time at the park and those are some nice little friends. I like your new header photo!

claudia.filipa said...

Adoramos ver as fotos das tuas aventuras no parque ;)


Adoro-vOS Cães said...

também gostava de ir brincar para esse parque :P

tão lindo Thor *.*

Thoughts said...

Hi Thor,

We are new here but we LOVE your blog! We are also Golden Retrievers. We love all the pictures you post and hearing about your adventures. Come by and visit us some time!

Wags and woofs,
Benson and Gibson

Simba and Jazzi said...

That looks like a fun walk.

Simba and Jazzi xx

caboval said...

What a beautiful day in the park! We love your new picture! You are so handsome! Hugs Joey and Kealani

aninhas said...

Esse passeio foi mm uma maravilha!!!
Costumas encontrar assim tantos amiguinho???
O Kiko tb adora beber água pela garrafa :) adora parecer um homemzinho crescido :)
Bom Sábado ;)

hugs and kisses from kikos world

Dino and Family said...

Whoa! That is one fine looking park! I am so happy to see you enjoying it and meeting so many friends! Love, Dino