Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi! I had a lazy weekend. It´s raining non stop in my city. This means that there will be no parks for me for a while. Too bad...
Today I got chicken! Yummy! Daddy even put pieces of chicken mixed with my kibbles. That disappeared in seconds!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thalyta's lap

Love it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am caged! (It's a joke!)

Do you think I'm caged?

No, this is just my silly sister Thalyta with her racket in front of me.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dog park with fashion week, dance and more!

Forecast for São Paulo

Temperature: 20 - 30ºC
Sun, a little cloudy and rain during the day.

After the rain, muddy and dog park with friends!

There I was saying hello to Gaya.

Gaia´s sister Luna was there too.

Gaia was playing with those pups.

Luna and me were happy to meet again.
Who was the guy behind us??

A police officer in our park??
That boy looks totally innocent!

Her girl came to him worried.

Daddy took a drink with his new friend.

I met new friends!

Luna too!

Gaia was being petted for the hoomans.

Luna was posing all cute to get the attention of all.
She even lay on the floor! What dirty trick Luna!
Well, she won.

Gaia was posing too. She is big beautiful girl today!

Called Luna for a walk.

I tried to convince her.

I did not succeed!

Is this a hooman park or what?!

Awwwwww! It´s my turn! What cute hooman pup!

Let´s make some exercise!
Who is that girl??

A fallen angel from heaven??

Yeah, her name is Angel!

A beauty!

Another girl?? What a day!

HAHA! Angel and her tail!

Waiting for her ball!

My good friend Lucky was there!

Some puppies had lots of fun playing in the mud and puddles!

Look for mommy please!

Good girl!

Jackie liked me! Of course, Daddy too!

Another beautiful model!

Is this a dog park fashion week or what?!

Two big models!

With my dad.

They only marched and gone.

Lana was so stylish with those bowls and harness.

Lana is soo cute with her tongue out!

Lana and your bro Phillip.

Dance in the park.

Jackie and her dance partner.

What a strange dance step!

That handsome boy is Fred!

He looks a lot like me...

but he is very eletric and hard to stop!


Those dogs don't stopped to ask their mom a lap.

Awww! I love it!

There was still one thing to do before going home.
Take a look at the real São Paulo Fashion Week!
Too bad Gisele wasn't there!