Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi Everybuddy!

Yesterday we went to petshop for my bath.
First of all, I gave some toys to the dogs of the adoction fair. I said hello to my friends there.

Stephanie and the Mascot of the fair of adoction. He is there all the weekends.

Looks like all the dogs in the fair is saying:
Take me to your home. Be my family!

In the petshop we meet Joey, a German Shepherd four months old.

We meet this boy Zeca.

We can´t see your eyes, Zeca!

Zeca kissed Stephanie. He liked my sister.

We meet that Golden Boy!

He almost left his mark on a package of kibbles. Bad boy!

This is my cocker friend Nick.

That Lab called Thor with a green tongue.

Even in the bath the camera is chasing me.

Me and my friend Joey.


Golden Boy tried to jump the tub to get your leash.

He got your leash but that man put it away.

Joey, me and the hair dryer.


My sister and that boy was green. What happened??

That man have a hard time trying to bath Golden Boy.
He doesn´t like baths!

Joey was putting the tie and ready to go home.

And Joey got a piercing in your nose??
I got a piercing too!!

Thor xoxoxo

Friday, May 29, 2009

Don´t forget me

Hi Everybuddy!

I am so sorry we have not visited all your blogs this week. Mom has been very busy, but she promised to help me over the weekend. TGIF!!!!
Below are some photos taken last Sunday when we went to Grandma's house. The photos were not very good, but we save some. Please don´t forget me! I love you all!

Stephanie, this is my blog!!

Have a grrreat weekend!
See you soon!

Thor xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday in The Dog Park

Hi Everybuddy!

Saturday Mom Dad and I went to the Dog Park. The weather was super nice and there were lots of people with their dear furkids. We had a great time and I was very happy!

Thor xoxoxo