Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cãominhada Paulistana 2010

We woke early and went to the dog event . The event Cãominhada Paulistana 2010 (Walking Dogs São Paulo 2010) provided lots of fun and interaction between people and animals.
Along the way, were offered services such as veterinary care, dental, caricaturist, photography and guidance about responsible ownership and others.
There was a mini agility trail, with demonstrations and were also given tips on obedience. There were toys for kids. Ballons! Lots of them!
Ambulances e distribution points running water for animals and bottled water to people.
Mom took tons of pics as always.

A bunch of goldens very excited to get there.

The doggies were barking all the way.
Getting worried! Are we getting there??
Almost there!
This guy wanted taking my picture. He realized how hansome I am.
More beautiful dogs.

Poor doggie! He had to use a muzzle. Me and Daddy!
My sis Stephanie jumping.
Very stylish!
Meeting friends.
Some doggies were ready for the FIFA 2010 Word Cup.


Stephanie again.
Picture's family! Bad bad. just Sis looked to the flashie beast!

More Wow!

Some people think I am a Setter.

There was a large truck playing loud music.

Meeting a new pal.
Resting in the grass.A girl ready to Word Cup.
Ice Pet! Strawberry, cream, bacon! YUMMY!
Gimme, gimme!

More drinks.
Three goldies that I met on the way. In the car, do you remember??
Me doing agility!
A goal! That Border Collie was getting all the balls.
It is no surprise to anyone, right?

Every dog with a ballon (or more) on their backs. Cute!

One man rescued two dogs that fell into the hole. Thank God, they are ok!

Caricatures! I wanted getting my caricature but the queue was quite looooong.
The kids had a fun filled time too!
To be continued!