Friday, July 30, 2010

Learning Brazil History

Hi Everybody!

Wednesday I met a new park.

The Parque da Independência (Independence Park) is a National Historic Landmark located in the Colina do Ipiranga (Ipiranga Hill), near the Riacho do Ipiranga (Ipiranga Creek).

In September 7, 1822 Dom Pedro I declared our country independent of Portugal, ending the period of colonial Brazil. In this area are located  Monumento a Independência ( the Independence Monument) , the Museu Paulista, (better known as the Museu do Ipiranga), the gardens of classic lines, the grove and Casa do Grito (The Shout House).

DATE OF OPENING 01/25/1988

 Stephanie, Dad and me in front of the Monumento a Independência.(Independence Monument)

Climbing to reach the historic Casa do Grito ( The Shout House)

Casa do Grito (The Shout House).

Learning about Independence of Brazil.

The gardens and The Museum behind us.

Beautiful water fountains.

Hey family, my tongue needs water too!

Enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I met a girl.

The grove with mature native trees behind the museum.
Nice place to walking.

I met a kitty with scary eyes.

We saw this weird tree.

Another kitty.


I met another doggie girl.

I met a golden friend.

We had  a great time.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Having fun at the dog park

Hi Everybuddy!

This is me wishing we're going to the dog park.

Yeah, we are!

Meet Brenda!

Mom felt in love with these mini schnauzer.
Five cute mini schnauzer.

The gang!

Brenda and the pup.

She's a beauty!

Hi pal!

Enough of mini schnauzer pics, mom!

Beautiful look!

The girl playing with her stick.

Meeting a new friend.

He showed me his tongue. Bad boy!
Lots of labs there.
Yellow, chocolate, blacks.
A golden pup.
Sharing my water.

What are those three planning??

How funny!

Beautiful girl!

This is Zeca.

He call everybuddy to run.

But nobody beats him.

Hello buddy!

I see a boy rolling on the grass.

Time to back home.